Integra Link™

TRC’s Integra Link™ easily connects stakeholders to the data and systems that provide the insight they need to develop, operate, and maintain critical infrastructure accurately and efficiently


Easy to Use - Built on Google Maps, Integra Link is easy to use allowing quick access to accurate information from anywhere on any device. The platform is also easy to learn: personnel training takes less than an hour.

Improved Access to Data - Integra Link improves access to sensitive data in support of safety and regulatory compliance. Personnel in the field or the office can connect to and update this data from all platforms such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones in addition to other portable devices. Real-time access to intelligence stored securely in the cloud offers the potential to radically change the way you conduct business, respond to issues, maintain records and prove compliance with evolving federal regulations.

Enhanced Team Collaboration - By connecting everyone to the same data faster, Integra Link enhances collaboration among project stakeholders, delivering cost effective results.

Integra Link Benefits:

  • One access point for data allowing everyone in the enterprise a single place to go for consistent information around all operational assets
  • Connects all disciplines and stakeholders across a project team to vital asset information and documentation in real time
  • Provides “traceable, verifiable and complete” asset data
  • User-friendly and familiar interface of Google Maps
  • Easy to use GIS-based platform
  • Leverages cloud technology providing real time access to data
  • Simple and fast on any device with a dynamic search function, integrated driving directions and data collection capabilities
  • Delivery portal for information from TRC survey (MDS) and routing (InSite Pro) tools
  • State of the art security architecture offers peace of mind

Use Applications:

  • Asset Integrity
  • Field Data Collection
  • Preliminary Route Selection
  • Engineering Design Data
  • Field & Reference Document Storage
  • Inspection Reports
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response
  • Materials Tracking