InSite Pro™


InSite Pro™ is a GIS-enabled tool that analyzes engineering, environment, land, constructability and socio-economic factors to generate least cost, minimal impact project routes, and evaluate existing routes already in operation.


Routing, permitting and constructing linear projects including pipelines, transmission lines and railroads is challenging due to regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny. Starting off on the right foot and managing ongoing operational risks is critical to success.

Routing and Siting

InSite Pro can create multiple project routes quickly and efficiently, to help you understand different project scenarios in even the most complex circumstances. Routes are overlaid with critical risk factors and opportunities around the project corridor within InSite Pro’s proprietary database.

Impact Analysis

InSite Pro provides impact analysis for any boundaries around a route, including workspace layout, environmental study area or a specified buffer. It reports features including slope, landownership, structures, wetlands, waterbodies, roads, railroads and more.

Risk Management

Daily operations across interstate projects can be very complex. InSite Pro helps operations and maintenance teams analyze and monitor conditions and activity near and along linear infrastructure and provides relevant and sophisticated mapping, and reporting intelligence to quickly identify areas of concern for investigation and action.

Integra Link

InSite Pro integrates with TRC’s Integra Link™ data management solution, which easily connects project stakeholders to the data and systems that provide the insight they need to develop, operate and maintain critical infrastructure accurately and efficiently.