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TRC Thankful Roads Renewables

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and everyone is ramping up for the holiday season and all it brings – families, food, fun. But before we all get too busy with gift shopping, putting up decorations and attending office parties, we thought it was a good time to pause and reflect on 2017.

So we asked a handful of our experts here at TRC what they’re thankful for this year. And we’re thankful that half a dozen took time from their busy schedules to respond. Here’s what they had to say:

Durk Krone, Vice President of Transportation Design

With bridges passing their service life and roads being more congested than ever, we are certainly thankful for a workload that keeps us patching, rehabbing, and load rating a highway system that allows all of us to celebrate the holidays with families and friends. Therefore, be safe traveling this holiday season, watch out for potholes and have patience during those congested times. And try not to speed – an abrupt stop could mean mashed potatoes and gravy or a sweet potato casserole all over the inside of your car, where the dog will get first dibs on it.

Karen Lutz, Sustainability Director

Shifting our frame as a society from one of doing less harm to one of doing more good encourages active engagement in sustainable solutions that make the Earth a better place to live. I am grateful for the growing number of cities, businesses and even individuals embracing commitments to clean and cleaner energy sources. While climate change and planetary constraints are often viewed through the lens of doom and gloom, I see advancements in renewables and new energy technologies spurring a wave of innovation and providing opportunities for job creation, health improvements and a more secure future that TRC is proud to play a part in advancing.  

Dylan Achey, Manager of Generation Engineering, Power Delivery Engineering

I’m thankful that my group continues to expand our work backlog with our major clients, and thankful for providing services to new clients and building on those new relationships. I’m also thankful for potential new partnerships between TRC and other engineering vendors that provide services that TRC doesn’t. This will allow us to partner on projects TRC would normally not think about participating in. Last but not least, I’m thankful for another great year at TRC and hoping for a snowy winter.

Robin Tomberlin, Vice President and National Practice Lead, Field Services

I am thankful for a job that allows me to work with the very brightest people to deliver efficient and highly integrated project services in the land and survey industry. I am thankful to be able to learn something new from them every day as we strive to constantly innovate and improve. I am also thankful for the time I spend with my two wonderful children.

Melissa Hart, Senior Client Services Manager and Market Director, EHS Management

I am thankful for having phenomenal security experts at TRC to assure my clients are managing their chemicals and processes in a secure and safe manner. I am thankful my awesome husband retired two years ago – he is a wonderful cook and my best friend, and he brings me coffee every morning while I am getting ready for work! And I am thankful for having fun colleagues to work with at TRC – it makes work a whole lot more fun!!

Graham Crockford, Michigan Practice Lead, Engineering, Construction and Remediation

Over the past several years TRC has been closely following the emergent regulations related to the management and disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) in landfills and impoundments. Knowing that these regulations would significantly affect the utility industry, we saw an opportunity to help our clients develop effective and environmentally protective compliance strategies around CCR management. We were fortunate to be recognized for our CCR expertise by existing and new clients, to whom we were able to showcase our passionate, talented, resourceful and intelligent people. Together we have had the opportunity to work on some very interesting and challenging projects for some very appreciative clients. I look forward to many more years of success and collaboration. And … my wife just realized that all this talk about CCR wasn’t about the 1970s rock band.

For all you millennials, Graham is talking about the iconic Creedence Clearwater Revival, a band every American should be thankful for. You probably know at least a few of their songs, but if not, look them up on YouTube. They’ll keep you from slipping into a turkey coma after Thanksgiving dinner better than any football game will. 

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