Blog   |   Jul 29th, 2015 Growing Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency Projects


Utilities, agencies, and businesses deserve assurance that their efficiency projects will perform as promised, and that their energy service providers are making every effort to position them for success. In fact, this is paramount to earning investor confidence in projects.

At the core of this challenge is knowing that the engineering fundamentals of any project are sound, and that predicted returns have been calculated correctly. And many times, investors are in the dark on evaluating the complex details of efficiency projects—facing long, expensive due diligence processes to get the assurance they need.

TRC is on the cutting-edge of giving project owners and investors this certainty. Our firm is now one of the first certified as both a Project Developer and Quality Assurance Provider by the Investor Confidence Project (ICP).

Through the ICP, efficiency providers like TRC are rigorously evaluated for the right skills, training and experience to deliver high-quality, low-risk work—with certification for qualified providers. This approach gives project investors reliable, independent criteria for judging the technical and financial strength of the project.

More broadly, the ICP is helping to transform energy efficiency from complex one-off projects to a standardized, streamlined marketplace where project owners, investors, and providers can partner effectively. Critical solutions are becoming viable—more quickly, with more secure backing, and with important energy and economic benefits for all parties involved.

Momentum is building around this effort, from every angle. Today, the ICP is actively backed by more than 120 entities—from utilities to financing and insurance companies, engineering and energy services companies, and public and private organizations.

As a Project Developer, TRC delivers energy projects and solutions that meet ICP protocols. These protocols are not a new layer of requirements—rather they represent a collection of industry best practices and standards, which when used, help reduce multifamily and commercial efficiency project risk. Specifically, following the protocols enables Project Developers to produce project designs and supporting data that investors are more likely to buy in to.

As a Quality Assurance Provider, we independently verify that projects developed by others conform to these protocols. Upon verification, projects become certified as Investor Ready Energy EfficiencyTM projects, a distinction that is attractive to financiers.

Our credentials affirm our services and deepen our value by giving project investors even greater:

  • Confidence in our services and project performance
  • Efficient, reliable project due diligence
  • Acceleration towards project funding and underwriting
  • Dependable investment returns
TRC is honored to be a leader in early ICP adoption, helping clients design, implement, and validate successful energy efficiency investments.

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Paul David, PE, CEPP, LEED AP, CRM

Paul David, PE, CEPP, LEED AP, CRM

Paul David has 35 years of award-winning industry experience and is instrumental to the success of energy efficiency programs, engineering services, and master plans at TRC. As Vice President, Paul is responsible for all aspects of business unit operations. He serves as Officer in Charge and provides senior-level guidance for strategic projects. Paul represents TRC in the efficiency policy arena, serving as an influencer on important federal and state issues. Contact Paul at