Waste Landfill Cleanup

Through our Exit Strategy® program, TRC provided a comprehensive remedial solution to resolve environmental risk for a municipal client facing landfill cleanup obligations.



Confidential Midwest Municipality

Project Location

Midwest, US

A municipal client in the Midwest operated two solid-waste landfills between the 1950s and 1980s. The landfills were closed without full resolution of potential environmental conditions including landfill gas, leachate migration and proper cover. The landfills were a blight on the community and represented abandoned real estate that otherwise offered the potential for valuable development. In addition, the municipalities were facing regulatory requirements/fines/penalties as well as community concern over the condition of the landfills and potential off-site environmental impacts.

TRC provided a comprehensive remedial solution to the municipality,including:

Technical. TRC implemented an innovative, efficient and sustainable “green technology” cleanup strategy. TRC’s remedial action plan was based on a patented phytoremediation leachate management system and unique landfill gas management system, which fully stabilized and controlled site conditions, and mitigated off-site impacts.

Financial. Understanding the financial constraints of municipal budgetary process, TRC crafted a guaranteed-fixed price remediation (GFPR) contract, setting the maximum remedial costs and resolving the potential for clean-up cost overruns.

Community Outreach. Given the long-term polluted condition of the sites, and their proximity to residential areas, there was significant community concern. TRC developed and executed a broad-based community outreach program to understand and address public interest.

Benefits included:

Cleanup completed – under budget and ahead of schedule. Fines/penalties were greatly reduced based on the success and timeliness of the remedial actions implemented at the site.

Area residents concerns alleviated. Data from site monitoring currently shows no off-site impacts.