Coal Ash Compliance and Pond Closure/Retrofit

TRC’s engineering and construction services team quickly provided clean closure/retrofit options and cost estimates to support the client’s financial needs. Additionally, TRC produced and expedited the required bid documents, allowing the client to meet their bid schedule.



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The client operates a coal-fired power plant in the Mid-Atlantic and utilizes two storage ponds to manage the facility’s wastewater, including coal combustion residuals (CCR). The client plans to retrofit within the existing pond footprints to comply with the recently promulgated CCR rules. The engineering solution must account for operational needs during construction, location standards and other compliance issues, and a groundwater monitoring system.

To date, TRC has provided comprehensive engineering and design services to develop a 60% bid package which will be used to select a contractor for the clean closure and retrofit of the two ponds. Engineering services provided to date include: document and field reviews to ascertain compliance of the existing liner system to the CCR specs; geotechnical evaluations; wastewater evaluations, civil, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical designs, and permitting requirements. The design included the development of an engineering/construction sequence that would allow the facility to continue generating power without interruption. Additionally, TRC evaluated present and forward-looking compliance/design issues, including location standards and structural integrity criteria. TRC also completed a comprehensive groundwater evaluation, including the development of a groundwater monitoring plan for CCR compliance. TRC will continue to provide engineering, compliance and construction support as other CCR deadlines approach, including closure/post closure plans, hydraulic capacity evaluations, groundwater sampling, assisting the client with the selection of a contractor, and providing construction oversight during field activities.

TRC’s in-house engineering and construction services enabled the early-on rapid development of clean closure/retrofit options and cost estimates to support the client’s financial needs. Additionally, TRC’s integrated engineering/construction team also produced the required bid documents in an expedited fashion, allowing the client to meet their schedule without going into another construction season.

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